Jewelry Set


Rajputi Jewelry Set 

Rajputi jewelry is also known as Rajwadi Jewelry or Rajasthani Jewellery and very popular in North India, speciallly in Rajasthan, MP, UP, Hariyana, Himachal and Delhi. It is also liked by many Indian Cinema Celebrities and fashion designer like - SavyaSachi. 

The rajputi jewelry set or Rajasthani jewelry combo set the combo set of all types of Rajputi jewelries with all items like - Aad (necklace), Rani Haar (Long Necklace), Nath, Borla, Mathapatti, Bajuband, Ponchi and Hathpaan, It is becoming very popular online nowday, because people can buy all jewelry items together with same color and design matching and its come in low price rather than buying different types of jewelry from different places. 

You can customize your Rajputi jewelry set according to your requirement, please send your selected pic to our WhatsApp number (9967781523) and add or remove items according to your requirement.