Nath / Besar


Rajputi Nath and Rajwadi Besar

Nath is the main part of Indian Jewelry, its very popular from ancient time. Generally, its wore by married wormen but nowdays, every Indian women and girl enjoying this beautiful nose wear. Nath is one type of metal wire ring with different size which are attached or loaded with pearl, kundan and small pendant. 
Rajasthani nath or rajputi nath is very popular in India, Generally, its made with pearls and kundan. There is long pearl chain from nose to hair for hanging with clip on hair. 

Rajwadi baser is also a one type of Rajasthani nose wear, its also called marwadi kata, or kota. Baser is compltetly different from nath or nose ring, its a small pendant with clip which is directly wear on nose with clip. 
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