Bridal Jewelry Set


Rajputi Bridal Jewellery Set or Rajwadi Wedding Jewelry Sets at Banadi Store 

Rajputi bridal jewelry is very popular in Indian cinema celebrities, they love to wear high-neck Rajwadi jewellry set in their wedding ceremony. That is the reason this rajputi bridal jewelry becoming very popular in all India. All Indian bride love to wear the Rajwadi bridal jewelry set. 

This Rajwadi wedding jewelry set made with Kundan, American Diamond AD, Cubic zirconia, Polki and Indian PL Stones. There are many items included in these Rajputi Jewelry bridal sets. Like - Heavy Rajwadi Aad, Mathapatti with Bor, Borla, Nath, Hathpaan, Bajuband and Pochi. 

You can customize your Rajputi bridal set, it mean you can add or remove any item once you select the product. Please contact us at our Whatsapp @ 9967781523 and customize your Rajwadi wedding bridal set.